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Anna Fornal Yoga
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Anna Fornal Yoga

I advocate NATURAL, HOLISTIC APPROACH TO PROMOTE OPTIMUM HEALTH, VITALITY AND WELL-BEING through Yoga,  mindfulness, intentional living and healthy eating. 

My story

I first came across Yoga during my Sport Science Studies in the 90’s. I didn’t take any notice of the benefits of Yoga then as studying Physical Education was all about physical health, performance and endurance. I returned back and started seriously practising Yoga in 2009 after having a baby.

As I have always been a “fitness freak”; becoming a mum and consequent inactivity, had a massive impact on my health and general wellbeing.


Initially, Yoga was just a gentle form of exercise, “me time” and a little break from “baby duties” but quickly practising Yoga became a big part of my life. Going through many health challenges and a diagnosis of the auto-immune condition in 2014 had profound consequences!


I had to make many sacrifices and changes in my everyday life and undertake therapy! I started practising more often and started looking into mindfulness and meditation.


YOGA, MEDITATION, THERAPY and the support of my family were the “things” that kept me going and helped me to get through the most difficult times in my life!

Through Yoga, I have seen immense shifts in the way I view myself, the way I approach life’s challenges and the way I handle stress. My outlook on life has shifted entirely.

Yoga has given me the ability to slow down and just be, accepting and enjoying every aspect of life as it comes.

Yoga has helped me to be more mindful in everything I do! It helps me to pause, take a deep breath and to be in the moment- the only place that exists. It helps me to detach myself from the external world and quiet my mind and stop the “inner chatter”.

Through Yoga my body is stronger, more flexible and ache-free. My mind is happier and more at peace. Challenges will always exist but I can see them more clearly and have the “Yoga Tool” to call upon ;)

I must thank all the amazing teachers that I have met on my journey so far but most of all I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart BEV who has been my inspiration from the start.


I hope through my teaching I can bring positive changes into your life too.

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AFY - WEBSITE Concept 3_MANDALA VECTOR_edited.png
Anna Fornal yoga

I am passionate about holding a space for you to discover and connect with yourself, to nurture yourself & find some ease and space through the gifts a yoga practice can bring, on & off the mat.


Image by JD  Mason


I have been successfully teaching YOGA  in various venues around Grantham, Bourne and Sleaford area of Lincolnshire since January 2019.

​April 2021 - 50 hours Yoga Alliance Professionals Immersion YIN YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Dawn Wright

It enabled me to add this practice to my schedule within each term. I also run seasonal Yin Yoga Events which have been very popular in the last couple years.

May 2021- 50hrs YOGA NIDRA TEACHER TRAINING (inc. practitioner and advanced practitioner) with Lynn Francis - training based & devised by Swami Satyananda Saraswati & Bihar School of Yoga, 

It enabled me to provide a safe yoga nidra practice to all from beginner to advanced practitioner. I often offer this relaxation technique called 'Yogic Sleep' during my seasonal events. 

November 2022 - Immersion CPD training in Teaching FLOW AND VINYASA YOGA with Dawn Wright

I have been successfully applying the skills in my weekly planning. I hope to include Flow & Vinyasa inspired classes in my weekly schedule in the nearest future. 

December 2023- accredited Yoga Alliance 120 HOURS MANTRA AND MEDITATION TRAINING Course with Julie Hemmings & Divine Works.

I hope to take my students on a journey of exploration, theory, and practice of Yogic Mantra in the upcoming year 2024.

Ever since my initial Yoga training, I have undertaken various CPD’s to expand my knowledge and to broaden my skills to be able to share with my students. 


For over 6 years I successfully run a self-employment massage therapy and reflexology business. Due to pandemic & change of circumstances, I had to make the decision to put my therapies on hold until further notice and focus my time and energy fully on teaching YOGA. ​

I hope that I will be able to return to my therapies once my life circumstances change.

* I qualified in Massage Therapy in 2014 including: Swedish Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage (a variety of techniques for stretching muscles and increasing flexibility, including muscle energy techniques, SCS, PNF techniques and myofascial release), also Pre & post sport event techniques and trigger point therapy techniques.

In 2016 I obtained a VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology & Nutrition, Healthy Eating & Wellbeing.

Whether you need to improve performance, heal from an injury, relieve chronic or acute pain, increase mobility, deal with mental challenges, anxieties or handle stress, I can help.


300hrs British Wheel of Yoga Teacher
Yin Yoga Alliance Professionals Certified
Dawn Wright  Tutor
Yoga Nidra
Reflexology Level 3 VTCT

Let's have a chat and see whether I will be able to help


Short workshops , events and day retreats will offer you a chance to deepen your Yoga practice and to step out of your busy life for a while to slow down, rest and reconnect to your truer SELF .

What is Yoga


In the western world, we usually perceive yoga as a physical practice that helps us gain

flexibility, strength and even might support us to wind down from our stressful, busy lives.

However, in its ancient tradition yoga is not primarily about the physical body, physical

practice, and exercise. It is not only about becoming strong and supple or just distracted

from your hectic daily life…. The origin of yoga relates to the mind.

“Yoga is the practice

of quieting the mind.”


The word Yoga originates from Sanskrit term that comes from the root “YUJ” meaning- to yoke, to join, to connect or to UNITE, which implies a reintegration; bringing back into

balance. Yoga means union, as it harmonises the body, breath, mind and spirit- by this ….Connecting to our TRUE SELF~ Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodhah ~

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the foundation texts of yoga we know. The teachings are written in the form of 196 sutras: short messages about life and consciousness and how to live well, which, when woven together, are the threads that make up the holistic practice of yoga.

In the 2nd sutra Patanjali defines purpose of yoga as chitta vritti nirodhah — the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind. By calming this mental chatter, we can begin to yoke;

cultivating the natural union within ourselves so that we find peace and contentment.

or literally translated as:

Chitta: mind stuff, consciousness

Vritti: waves, fluctuations, modifications

Nirodhah: to control, to quiet, to restraint


During yoga practice, by uniting the movement of the body with the breath, yoga helps to quiet the mind. When the mind is quieter, in time, we experience peacefulness and a connection. We begin to listen. We become more aware and we find a place in the present moment.


We become more content and accept who we are and what we have. Eventually, we develop a steadiness and evenness of mind that lasts beyond our time on the mat.

At the same time, the physical practice of yoga asana builds up both strength and flexibility.

We walk, move and sit differently. We have better balance. We become more aware of our breath and we begin to breathe more fully and evenly. We feel less stressed or perhaps, we are more equipped to deal with the stressors of everyday life. We come to know ourselves better!

Practicing YOGA regularly encourages a happier & healthier way of living whereby the benefits are to be experienced both on & off the mat as an everyday life.

"Yoga is the Journey of the Self, Through the Self, To the Self"~ The Bhagavad Gita

Anna Fornal Yoga
Anna Fornal Yoga
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