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Summer Solstice YIN Yoga Celebration
Summer Solstice YIN Yoga Celebration

Mon, 19 Jun



Summer Solstice YIN Yoga Celebration

Celebrate the arrival of summer and balance that active “yang” energy with a heart-centred yin yoga, pranayama, reflection and yoga Nidra to finish. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!

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Time & Location

19 Jun 2023, 19:00 – 21:00

Aisby, Green Ln, Aisby, Grantham NG32 3NE, UK

About the event

Summer  Solstice (‘sun standing still’) marks the longest day in the year,  bringing with it the most energetic season of the year.  It is a natural  time for self-reflection on the abundant joy that comes with living in  rhythm.

 It is an opportunity to get rid of old patterns that no  longer serve us, to open new doors, set new goals and to connect more  within ourselves.

This  season is most ‘yang’, our energy and nature's energy is most outgoing  and expansive and it is associated with the FIRE ELEMENT. It is the time  of year to attend to our hearts- the place that houses our emotions and  our ability to lean into joy.

In  Chinese medicine the fire element of the sun symbolizes transformation,  connection, strength, force, courage, initiative, fertility, and  rejuvenation. Emotions accompanied with the fire element are joy,  empowerment, and well-being. It is a time to celebrate not only yourself  but also those around you. It is also a time to celebrate rebirth and  encourage change. Let the power of the sun enhance your connection with  life, love, happiness, and health.

During  this event I would like to invite you to find some moments of  stillness, to give yourself permission to pause and to become aware of  the inner light shining in the heart of your being. Perhaps take the  opportunity to do your own “standing still”

 It will be an evening of  deep rest, nurture, and relaxation to honour the transition of the  season and to balance & attune to the energies of Summer.

Through  an extended Yin yoga session dedicated to the heart and small intestine  meridians or energetic channels correlating with the season, we'll work  on stimulating the energy flow throughout the body with some longer  held poses and periods of stillness. Mentally, it will be an opportunity  to let go & replace old unhelpful beliefs, habits, patterns of  behaviours or thinking with the New Ones. We will plant a seeds of  change, set intentions and nurture our vision.  I will be providing  you with self-regulation tools, such as the breath & threads of  mindfulness, helping you to quiet your busy mind & be fully present  with your embodied experience.

We  will finish with 30 mins of deeply healing and nourishing Yoga Nidra  guided relaxation, also known as "yogic sleep", which promotes deep  healing and very profound rest at every level of being physical, mental  and emotional.

An excellent time to nurture, rest and unwind.

Everyone is welcome!

*Bring your mat and anything that will make you cosy and warm, any props you might have, a Blanket or two, cushion, bolster…

Wear comfortable, not restricting movement clothing.

£15/ booking essential


Please share this with friends, family or anyone who would benefit from a little break!

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